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National Children's Day 2015

The second National Children’s Day UK (NCDUK2015) is coming up on Sunday 17th May and here at PACEY we’re supporting the campaign that highlights the importance of play.

 The message behind NCDUK2015 is to raise awareness of young children’s rights and wellbeing and how important play is for learning and creativity – and for the kind of skills that we need in a 21st century world.  

Unfortunately play has been increasingly undervalued rather than being seen as essential to children’s social, emotional and physical development.

Wendy Ellyatt, CEO of Save Childhood Movement, said:

“Childhood is changing fast. From the impact of screen technology to the restrictions of an increasingly risk-averse culture and the downward pressures of the schooling system, children’s rights and freedoms are being eroded and their opportunities for free play have been drastically reduced. In the lead-up to National Children’s Day UK 2015 we want to remind everyone just how essential play and playfulness is to human creativity and wellbeing.”

Ahead of NCDUK2015 the movement has launched a “Play Champions’ initiative to identify settings that are examples of great play practice together with three competitions. If you’d like to get involved you can sign up here for your free play pack, including stickers and playbook and you might like to run or take part in events that are happening up and down the country.

You may have seen the sharing of some of our wonderful play quotes like this one on their Facebook page.

The power of play

The PACEY conference this year (happening just a day before National Children’s Day) on 16th May is themed around the power of play. The event is a fitting and exciting date for your diary packed full of ideas, inspiration and insights. It features an exciting programme of presentations and workshops to develop and extend your practice.

Dr Pam Jarvis, NCDUK advisor and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University on the Children, Young People and Families team, will be speaking at our conference. Be inspired, and take a look at Pam talking about the importance of play here.

The PACEY conference will also feature:

  • PACEY President Penny Tassoni talking about The Rainbow Shades of Play: an Exploration
  • Andy Cope, The Art of Being Brilliant
  • workshops from Ben Tawil on Play: The importance of the seemingly frivolous
  • PACEY Associate-led workshop on Superheroes to the rescue
  • Q&A from Ofsted’s Gill Jones.

You can also follow the action using the hashtag #paceypowerofplay on Twitter and updates on our Facebook page.