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Ofsted updates Conflicts of Interest Policy for Inspectors

Ofsted has updated its policy on conflicts of interest for inspectors. The policy sets out the steps you can take if you believe you have been unfairly graded because your inspector has a conflict of interest.

Our Building Blocks survey showed that there are major concerns about consistency of inspections among our members, and confidence in the complaints procedure is low. We have raised these concerns with Ofsted and conflict of interest has emerged as a key issue raised by the Ofsted Big conversation.

This updated policy is a welcome response from Ofsted and a step in the right direction for all providers.

The policy sets out three main possible areas of conflict:

  • Financial conflicts, including professional activity outside Ofsted
  • Conflicts with Ofsted values
  • Conflicts in inspection activity

If you feel you have been unfairly graded due to a conflict of interest you can follow this step by step procedure to report and declare.

We will continue to monitor how complaints are handled and report this to Ofsted, so do please let us know about your experience.