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Warning about fake fire blankets

Britain’s fire services are called out to over 20,000 kitchen fires every year. These fires can get out of control in seconds, causing untold damage and putting lives in danger.

As childcare professionals you should keep a fire blanket to British Standards (BS EN) safety standards and  have a fire safety procedure in place; should a fire occur, the first priority is the safe evacuation of the children.

It has been recently uncovered by the BBC programme Fake Britain that thousands of cheap fire blankets are being sold online. Many of these will be untested, making false claims and could be putting lives at risk.

What can appear to be a quality product online, could begin to look very questionable when it arrives.

The programme, which can be viewed online here, highlights one case where a consumer bought a seemingly legitimate fire blanket online and later discovered some worrying features that made him question the quality and safety of that fire blanket.

He said: “The packaging of the product looked very unusual. Where you would expect to see a manufacturer, a country of origin, there’s nothing there.”

He also highlighted that the wording of instructions on the box were misspelled with grammatical errors and the fire blanket had no label containing the manufacturer information, despite the outer packaging including a standards number.

What to look out for

In Britain there are no compulsory standards for fire blankets, but there is a voluntary European standard that they can be tested to.

Genuine fire blankets that meet these standards are proven to supress a fire within seconds, cutting the fire of oxygen and wouldn’t reignite if the blanket was removed after 17 minutes.

On the blanket itself you should have a label attached relating to the manufacturers name, the manufacturers address and a model reference. If it doesn’t have this, this would not have been approved by British Standards.

PACEY fire blankets

Safety is paramount and it’s important to purchase your fire blanket from a trusted source.

Safe to say, PACEY's fire blankets meet British Standards, include a label on the blanket itself and have been certified by the British Approvals for Fire Equipment.