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Wraparound childcare ‘right to request’ announced

Yesterday, (7th December) David Cameron unveiled plans to allow childcare providers more access to school facilities.

The Prime Minister announced that childcare providers could had the ‘right to request’ to use school facilities outside of school hours, with the aim of allowing childcare providers to apply for wraparound care.

A consultation will run until the end of February 2016 which aims to assess how schools and childcare providers can work together to deliver wraparound care, and also to look at how schools respond to requests for wraparound and holiday care from parents and childcare providers.

PACEY will be responding to the consultation and will be asking for your views in due course.

Responding to the announcement, Liz Bayram, Chief Executive of PACEY, said: “It is clear that delivering the Government’s targets for increased access to childcare will depend on providers working together in partnership and we welcome this consultation period as a good opportunity for parents and childcare providers to share their views.

“As our recent Building Blocks survey shows, there are still many barriers to be overcome, with childminders in particular reporting challenges in working with other providers, including schools.  However, we have shown through our Starting School Together project that these barriers can be overcome and that partnership working between schools, providers and parents can bring significant benefits for children and their families. We want to see more support for building effective partnerships between providers and schools, but recognise that this is not going to happen overnight.”