February 2015

House of Lords Committee response

The House of Lords Committee on Affordable Childcare has published its recommendations today.


Ofsted listens to PACEY members and retains childminder statistics

PACEY and its members have played a pivotal role in responding to Ofsted's consultation.


Above inflation rise in childcare costs

The Family and Childcare Trust’s annual childcare costs report shows that once again, the cost of childcare has increased above inflation.


PACEY wants parents' views

We've launched a parents' survey, asking about their childcare choices, their views on the quality of childcare, and the financial support they receive.


PACEY launches its largest ever survey

PACEY has today launched its most comprehensive ever survey for working childcare professionals in England.


Why it's time to rethink baseline tests for 4-year-olds

From September next year, the Government is planning to introduce “baseline assessments” for all children which will take place within weeks of children first joining primary school. PACEY is against the introduction of these baseline assessments and has added its voice to a growing number of early years organisations and education experts to protest about these tests.


I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge resources

Discover free downloadable resources on communication for I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge.


Wales Business Assessment

Having good practice in place is key to running a successful business.