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PACEY wants parents' views


The survey is looking to identify what parents consider to be the cornerstones of quality childcare provision. It asks how confident they are in the quality of the childcare they receive, and we're intending to track this over time to see how confidence levels change.

The results of the survey, which form part of PACEY’s largest ever survey of providers, as well as parents, will be published at the end of March.

Liz Bayram, PACEY Chief Executive said: “Discussions around childcare, whether in the media, or amongst policy makers, invariably revolve around the cost to parents. PACEY knows childcare cost is a key issue for families, but so is the quality of the care their children receive.

"This survey will present a complete picture of the state of the childcare sector in England.

"As well as asking the views of parents, we are talking to those working in the profession as a childminder, nanny, or working in a nursery, and also those supporting childcarers working in local government. We will be sharing the results with policy makers before and after the General Election, and using the findings to call for improvements in qualifications, funding, and regulation.”

The PACEY parent survey is now live online and all parents of children in childcare are encouraged to complete it. Take the parents survey here (link no longer available)