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Poll reveals parents' concern over cost of childcare

Poll reveals parents' concern over cost of childcare


The survey, of 1000 parents with children aged 0-16, found that of those parents paying for childcare, almost a fifth (18%) are considering reducing their hours at work or giving up their job altogether in 2015, because of the financial strain placed upon them by high childcare costs. More than a quarter (28%) of the same parents will be cutting back on treats in order to meet high childcare costs, and a worrying 16% admit they will have to cut back on essentials over the next 12 months.

With four months to go until the General Election, the survey demonstrated that parents with young children (aged 0-4 ) in particular are in real need of support. Almost three quarters (73%) called on political parties to offer them more help with the cost of childcare and 62% said that it should be an election priority.

Liz Bayram said: "PACEY recognises the difficulties families experience due to the ongoing rise in childcare costs across the UK. However, we know that cost of childcare is a complicated issue, with childcare settings having to contend with greater operating costs in their setting and the cost of delivery of free early education leaving childcare providers with a shortfall in income. Whether a nursery or childminder, people working in childcare are not making a profit and costs are rising because providing quality childcare is expensive."

PACEY is continuing to call on government to help more parents access affordable, high quality childcare, and to invest appropriately in childcare so that families can choose high quality childcare in a setting that meets their individual needs. We are working with all political parties in the run up to the General Election to ensure that the views of our members are heard. We will shortly be launching our own survey of members to identify your key concerns and challenges that we can share with policy makers and the wider public and continue to champion the need for high quality childcare and learning for our children.