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Integrated review support

Three Toddlers play with blocks

The guidance is intended for both childcare and health professionals, aimed at preparing them for when the review is introduced in September 2015.

Theresa Johnson, Development Lead for PACEY, said:

"The new NCB supporting materials for practitioners clearly set out the background of the integrated review, lists its key principles, and states what early years practitioners and health visitors can do to make the most from it.

"As a childcare professional, you will already be carrying out observations, assessment and planning for each child in your care and completing those all important progress checks at aged 2. This guide explains how that knowledge will help inform the integrated review and provide a more holistic overview for each child." 

Materials include diagrams that illustrate what the integrated review will include, and what specific areas of knowledge each participant will bring to it. It encourages the use of Development Matters as a tool for both practitioners and parents, while there are also a number of useful links to tools and additional support.

In addition, PACEY will be producing a set of  resources and training to help members deliver the review. We are also working in partnership with the Institute of Health Visiting to ensure we use the opportunity the review presents to help parents think about the childcare choices available to them, and will be actively promoting the benefits of choosing  the childcare options specifically offered by PACEY members.

Download the toolkit materials here.