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Survey launched by CARE project on early childhood education

As part of the CARE project, funded by the European Commission/European Science Foundation that is looking at early childhood education and care (ECEC) across Europe, a survey has been launched to gather information from early years practitioners like you.

The survey is designed to provide information that can help policy-makers across Europe and may influence decision-making in the European Commission.

The study is around children from 0-6 years receiving all kinds of out-of-home early education and care. From childminders, playgroups, pre-school, day nurseries, children’s centres, nursery class, nursery school, kindergarten and nannies.

It looks at values, beliefs and experiences of people who have an interest in early education and care from different perspectives: as parents/guardian, as staff or professionals and as policy makers.

The aim is to really understand people’s views in an open-minded and sensitive manner, looking beyond official documents to understand the true views of childcare professionals like you.

The survey itself will take approximately 25-30 minutes to fill out and all responses are anonymous.