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I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge 2016

Children’s communication charity I CAN has launched Chatterbox Challenge 2016 - its annual sing-a-long fundraising event for children under 5 years old. Celebrating its 15th year, Chatterbox Challenge 2016, is open to registrations from childminders, nurseries and early years settings across the UK.

Chatterbox Challenge is all about supporting the development of communication skills through rhyme and song with children in your setting. It also encourages early years practitioners to help raise money for more than a million children in the UK that have speech, language and communication needs that require long term specialist help.

Streetsbrook Childcare were one of the many settings who took part in last year’s Chatterbox Challenge, and won 1st Prize in the Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw, earning a visit from Ben & Holly themselves. Manager, Katey Moxley said: “We were delighted to win the Chatterbox Challenge! We were super excited to receive a visit from Ben & Holly, the children had such a lovely afternoon meeting them and it caused quite a stir throughout the whole school!

It is the first time we have taken part in the I CAN Chatterbox Challenge. We felt it was extremely important to raise awareness of children’s communication difficulties by taking part and ensuring our parents understand the importance of singing, telling stories and everyday interactions as fundamental in children’s holistic development.”

How do I get involved?

Chatterbox Challenge 2016 is themed, Ben and Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party and will run from 8th-14th February 2016 (but you can hold your challenge any time of year if you like!)

Register now at chatterbox Challenge to receive your free fundraising pack.

Each activity pack is linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for England and Foundation Phase (Wales) helping to develop a range of skills including attention and listening, one of the early learning goals.

What do others say about Chatterbox Challenge?

PACEY member Gloria Pope said of her Glocare childminding setting: “We have taken part in the Chatterbox Challenge for the past two years. We have 30 minutes of music, dance and chatter to the children's chosen songs as well as the songs suggested by the information. We also make cakes the day before to sell to the mums, dads and assorted family members who support us.

“The kids love the organised chaos of the dance session and the fact they can make as much noise as they want, we also involve the neighbours for sponsorship and cake buying.

“We raise about £75 each time and we all get involved and the kids learn about helping kids who can't communicate as well as they do. A good fun session.”

Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs

It’s important to understand how children acquire language and recognise why some children have speech, language and communication needs. Here at PACEY we have a fantastic free SLCN training course available for members to support you in this.

Check out our practice guide on Supporting Children’s Language Development and a lovely Communication video that visits the settings of several childcare professionals to see how they support children’s communication.

We also have a range of I CAN products in the PACEY shop including ‘Learning to talk, talking to learn’ and ‘Babbling Babies.’

Sign up today

Chatterbox Challenge week is 8th -14th February 2016 but groups can take part in the Challenge at any time of the year. Register here for your free fundraising activity pack, and find out about Ben and Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party and TTS prizes.