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PACEY sale now on!

The PACEY Sale has now launched with up to 50% OFF a selection of our products and training.

Take advantage of our sale with essentials including food allergen stickers, journals and EYFS guides now up to 50% OFF!

Get top tips on how to share information and involve parents in their child’s learning and development with inspiring ideas from our book – 30 ways to engage parents in children’s learning - now 10% off!

Looking for a way to clearly label your food menus for allergens? Check out our food allergen stickers, now 20% off. Or if you need EYFS stickers to display the prime and specific areas of learning – great for learning journals - ours are 10% off now! Plus to award good progress, achievement stickers are up to 20% off.

“If we are serious about making a difference to children’s lives, we have to provide a language and literacy rich environment in every early years setting.” Says Penny Tassoni, PACEY President. Discover how literacy can influence a child’s success, top tips for engaging children’s reading, early literacy behaviours and more with our guide to literacy in the early years – now 60% OFF!

Are you a newly registered childminder? Want to learn how to write a business plan, complete market research and financial planning? Want examples and templates to use? Here’s how – with our guide now 50% OFF!

Do you have your copy of the EYFS and You? It gives clear explanations about the framework, alongside really useful case study examples to help link the EYFS to everyday activities. Well worth having in your business essentials and now 50% OFF!

Want to note EYFS and Foundation Phase observations, record daily activities and development of children to share with parents and reflect on children’s progress? Get out handy journal – now 20% OFF.

Encourage nature exploration and scientific learning with our Nature go round rotating, multi-chamber microscope.

Plus loads more fantastic childcare essentials and training from our e-learning CPD bundle to Planning for Next Steps.

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