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Government announces measures to reduce red tape for childcarers

The Government has announced a number of measures to reduce the regulatory burdens faced by the childcare sector, following the publication of the report from the Cutting Red Tape review.

PACEY contributed extensively to the review, which was launched in April this year. PACEY not only submitted evidence to the review, but met with the review and organised a webinar with childminders which was attended by around 15 PACEY members, as well as in-depth one-to-one interviews with our members. We are pleased to see many of our recommendations and observations reflected in the final report, particularly about the regulatory burden that childminders can face.

The Government has published its response to the findings of the review and has highlighted a number of areas where action will be taken to reduce burdens on the childcare sector. These include:

  • Produce a ‘myth-buster’ document about the essential requirements for Ofsted inspections by April 2017;
  • Re-visit paid-for re-inspections by September 2017;
  • Convene a dialogue with LAs about the impact of planning on processes on childcare businesses (and LA childcare sufficiency) and investigate what information is available about planning for childcare businesses by April 2017;
  • Provide more clarity on statutory training requirements and on recognition of courses by April 2017;
  • Review the extent and rationale for full refresher training by April 2017;
  • Seek advice from sector organisations RE local differences in training requirements and recognition of courses by April 2017;
  • Examine what flexibilities exist in the EYFS for flexibility in ratios within the current legal framework by April 2017;

We will keep PACEY members updated as more information becomes available about these measures.

Liz Bayram, Chief Executive, commented: “We welcome the Government’s response to the review, and we are pleased to see many of the points raised by PACEY reflected in the report. We welcome the Government’s commitment to further clarify requirements around paperwork and inspection, as well as statutory training requirements. This will all help to reduce the burden of paperwork for our members, and for childminders in particular.

"We are also very pleased to hear that Government will be convening a dialogue with local authorities about the impact of planning requirements on childcare business sustainability and local childcare sufficiency, and look forward to having further discussions with Government around flexibility concerning EYFS ratios.

"However, we are disappointed that the Government does not offer any further assurances around delays to DBS checks, as we know this is an issue that continues to prevent childcare businesses from starting up and expanding.”