February 2016

Expectations of inspection

Ofsted has published a document detailing expectations of inspection


Disabled children missing play opportunities

A new report has been published by Sense into the lack of availability of play opportunities for disabled children.


Annual survey reveals shortage of childcare places in England

Survey released today reveals only 45% of councils are offering sufficient childcare for full time working parents


Childminder fees survey

Recent reports suggest childminders are charging 27% more since five years ago. Is it true?


Nurseries unlikely to deliver 30 hours childcare

45% of nurseries unlikely to offer 30 hours free childcare according to new survey


Childminders or educators?

An interview with a nursery manager today prompted a furious response from childminders


Sharing learning on the Integrated Review

Local authorities share learning on new development checks for 2-year olds



Labour figures point to fall in childminder numbers

Labour suggests that the fall in childminder numbers in England is leading to higher costs and pressure on places.


New whistleblowing advice line launched

New whistleblowing advice line launched by the NSPCC, with funding from the Home Office


Tell Parliament what you think about early education

Save the Children survey of childcare providers to get their views on the importance of early education and early years teachers.