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Childminders or educators?

A new survey released today from NDNA highlighted the difficulty nurseries face in delivering the free education entitlement. Good Morning Britain covered the story, interviewing a nursery manager from Warwickshire, Steve Dyke. 

Speaking about the challenges his nursery faces over the delivery of the 30 hours' free entitlement from next year, and the shortfall in funding, Mr Dyke, said that "...many nurseries in this country are going to go bust. The alternative is the quality of the care that children get is going to dramatically change. We are going to end up being childminders, rather than educators".

This prompted a huge social media response, with hundreds of childminders commenting on Good Morning Britain's Facebook page and asking us to respond as their professional association. 

We posted a response to Good Morning Britain, and reached out to Steve Dyke for an opportunity to clarify his comments.

As the professional association for childcare and early years, we are extremely saddened to hear an opinion expressed...

Posted by PACEY on Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Steve has since said: "I would like to apologise for the comment this morning. I meant to say babysitting not childminding but in the heat of the moment on live TV one can get tongue tied. I believe that childminders fulfil a fantastic role in the childcare sector. 

"I have subsequently been interviewed by ITN. As part of the interview, I said what a fantastic contribution childminders and nurseries make to Early Years education. I wait to see whether the comments are broadcast."

In Mr Dyke's interview with ITV's lunchtime news he made reference to the fact that full education is delivered by both childminders and nurseries.

The comments childminders have been posting on social media illustrate the passion and dedication with which they work - something that we showcase in our media and campaigning activity. If you would like to represent your profession as a media spokesperson for PACEY, please contact our PR manager in the first instance.