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Expectations of inspection

Ofsted has today published a document which outlines the conduct expected during an inspection from both inspectors and providers. 

Among other commitments, the paper outlines that inspectors will:

  • evaluate objectively, be impartial and inspect without fear or favour
  • evaluate provision in line with frameworks, national standards or regulatory requirements
  • base all evaluations on clear and robust evidence
  • report honestly and clearly, ensuring that judgements are fair and reliable
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent undue anxiety and minimise stress

Expectations of providers are also outlined, and include:

  • enable inspectors to conduct their visit in an open and honest way
  • enable inspectors to evaluate the provision objectively against the frameworks, standards or regulatory requirements
  • provide evidence that will enable the inspector to report honestly, fairly and reliably about their provision 

Read the full document here. And read our Top Ten Tips to Outstanding blog.