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New whistleblowing advice line launched

The new whistleblowing advice line will offer support and guidance to anyone concerned about how child protection issues are being handled in their own or other organisations. 

Run by the NSPCC with funding from the Home Office, the line is staffed Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. The line has been set up in response to failures to protect children from sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Whistleblowing advice line 0800 028 0285

Anyone can call the whistleblowing advice line if they are worried about how a concern about a child is being handled. Professionals are encouraged to call the helpline as soon as possible if they believe that:

  • their own or another employer will cover it up
  • their employer will treat them unfairly for complaining
  • the concern hasn't been sorted out and they have already told them about it.

NSPCC's advice line provides free help and advice to people who suspect their organisation might be putting children at risk, even if they're not certain that this is the case. Users can call the advice line about current incidents, those that took place in the past, or if they believe it happen in the future.

The NSPCC stresses that the advice line is not intended to replace any current practices or responsibilities of organisations working with children. Professionals should follow proceedures to raise any concerns about a child to their own employer in the first instance.

What can I do?

Anyone working with children has a responsibility to protect them from harm. These resoruces and training materials will help you understand your role.

Factsheets for PACEY members:

Training courses


NSPCC website