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Sharing learning on the Integrated Review

Local authorities are sharing their learning on the new development checks for 2-year olds.

Two local authorities have been putting the new Integrated Review for 2-year olds into practice. The results have been published by the Children’s Partnership, helping others to learn from their approaches to bringing together the health and early education progress checks for young children.

The Experiences of Practice series looks at the work being done in Islington and Warwickshire and is designed to help staff working directly with young children and those managing and designing services. The two LAs were among the first to trial the Integrated Review developmental check in September 2015.

Each example in the Experiences of Practice series can be used as a standalone guide to one aspect of the Independent Review, or can be read alongside other published material.

Joyce Connor, Director of the Early Childhood Unit at the National Children’s Bureau said:

"The whole point of the Integrated Review is to bring together the knowledge and expertise of early years staff and health workers to establish a better understanding of each child’s needs. It is essential we learn from the different ways in which councils are sharing information and involving parents in the Integrated Review so that children get the support they need at an early stage."

Download Experiences of Practice for free.