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How effective are parenting programmes?

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has today published an assessment of 75 parenting programmes which aim to improve child outcomes through supporting positive parent child interactions from conception to age 5.

The review focused on three aspects of child development: behaviour; attachment; and cognitive development, and found that 17 programmes are well-evidenced, and a further 18 have preliminary evidence of impact. The assessment will be invaluable in making informed commission decisions at local authority level.

PACEY was involved in the analysis of the results, and childcare professionals may find it helpful to use the report findings to guide parents who are interested in attending a parenting programme.

You can read the full report Foundations for Life: What Works to Support Parent Child Interaction in the Early Years here. Childcare professionals may find annex 1 particularly helpful which reviews 75 different parenting programmes against available evidence to give a rating on how effective the programme is in improving outcomes for children.

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