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CSSIW Inspection Framework

CSSIW announced earlier this year they were moving to a new inspection framework from April 2016 and have now published further information and guidance to support providers around this. The new framework applies to the inspection of all registered childminding, day care and play settings in Wales and places a greater emphasis on improving child development and well-being outcomes. When CSSIW inspectors visit a care service, they will consider four core themes:

  • Well-being
  • Care and Development
  • Environment
  • Leadership and Management

What is different?

  • Inspectors will spend more time at a care service
  • Changes to the frequency of inspections
  • Introduction of ratings
  • Publication of child minder inspection reports
  • Joint pilot inspection with Estyn

More information about these changes and when they will be introduced is available on the CSSIW website (including a link to their new Inspection Guide) and the PACEY factsheet for Inspection in Wales.