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Lack of social skills blamed for poor levels of school readiness

New research has pointed to a wide lack of school-readiness across England. The annual State of Education survey was carried out by The Key, a leadership and management support service for schools.

According to the report  ‘More than nine in 10 (98%) school leaders say that a proportion of pupils join their school below the level of school-readiness they expect’ but ‘nearly a third (31%) of primary school leaders say that more than half of new pupils are not school-ready’.

The research which questioned 1,188 school leaders and 979 governors examined the key issues and challenges facing the teaching profession, of which pupil’s readiness for school is a major area of concern. 

The survey revealed that ‘at primary level, more school leaders considered a lack of social skills (79%) to be one of the most common reasons for children not being at the expected level when they join’ followed by ‘delayed speech (78%) and a lack of self-help skills/resilience (69%)’. The Key highlighted that technology contributed to the lack of social skills, citing parent’s use of smartphones as having a big impact on school readiness.

PACEY’s research last year highlighted parents’ anxieties about their child starting school with almost three quarters (71%) of parents were anxious.  Being school ready isn’t about a child reading, writing or doing maths, but more about social and well-being. PACEY has developed a wide range of resources to help parents equip their children with the key social, emotional and physical skills needed to thrive at school. The school ready resources from PACEY include a preparing for school guide which provides advice and top tips along with steps to starting school posters for you to use in your setting.