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Child exploitation online: an early years issue

When we think about online child exploitation we tend to assume this is a problem that effects teenagers – secondary-aged children engaged in online chat with someone who they think is a peer. Right?

Wrong. According to CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) 8% of the victims of online child sexual exploitation in 2012 were under ten years of age.

Combine this with the fact that UK children are now more accessible to offenders online, with 91% living in a household with access to the internet and that over half of 3-4 year olds use a tablet and this becomes an issue very much for the early years too. 

Regulatory requirements place an expectation on early years and childcare providers to have knowledge of all forms of abuse including child exploitation.

To help you fulfil this requirement, PACEY has reduced the price of its e-learning course to ensure this vital information is accessible to everyone.

Want to understand how children and young people use technology and protect them from the risks of the online world? Our course is packed full of essential information to help protect the children you care for from sexual exploitation online and give an overview of e-safety; a useful addition to follow on from any safeguarding training.

Now just £17.50, you can find out more and buy your training in the PACEY Shop.