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Get involved with Children In Need

This year, Children in Need is getting Spotacular; they are looking for spots on everything, from clothes to cakes. To help you during appeal week (14-18 November) they have released a special fundraising pack along with learning resources to be used in schools, nurseries and other early years settings.

Spotacular follows on from Children in Need’s Schools campaign last year, which saw a growth in fundraising in schools. Their site is now full of different activities for the early years age group, and also provides lesson plans that help to explain what fundraising is and the difference it makes.

Register for a free kit, which contains lots of different resources to use in your setting. This is a chance for the children in your setting to get creative using spot-themed activities, creating spotty crafts and developing an understanding of what charity means. Although Children in Need have not specified childminders on their site, these resources are designed for all early years settings including childminders. 

You can download the resource pack for your setting, and register for your free fundraising kit here. Remember, whatever wonderful spotty activities you get up to, share them with us on Facebook!