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CSSIW SASS part 2 in Wales

Childcare and play providers are required to complete a self assessment and an annual review of the quality of care of their service in line with CSSIW requirements.Following CSSIW's move to an online system for the Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) and associated Quality of Care report the majority of providers in Wales submitted part one of this over the summer. 

PACEY Cymru and CSSIW would like to thank all who submitted using the new system which, in time, will ensure a more effective method of gathering necessary information to support with inspection and regulation.  CSSIW have now confirmed that SASS Part two which will include your review of quality of care has been delayed and will not be rolled out until after April 2017.

David Francis, Assistant Chief Inspector for CSSIW stated;

'CSSIW is taking time to pause and reflect before going ahead with SASS 2. Whilst the collection of SASS 1 has been a great success, largely due to the enormous support the sector representatives gave us, we want to make sure the roll out of SASS 2 is a smoother process.'

What do I need to do?

As roll out of SASS part two is now later than planned, as a registered childcare provider, you will need to complete your annual Quality of Care Review for 2016/17 as usual or within your first year if you are a newly registered provider. 

 When preparing your Quality of Care Review PACEY Cymru strongly suggests you read CSSIW's Inspection Guide which will give you information on what CSSIW expect and examples of good practice. This includes themes, which can become the headings for the review.

CSSIW's Inspection Guide states that once completed the Quality of Care Review should be sent in to CSSIW, this can be done via email or post until further notice.

Further information

PACEY Cymru will be producing a further resource in coming weeks to support with writing your Quality of Care Review and will share this when it is available. Any queries in the meantime should be directed to or telephone 0845 8801299.