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New development programme for childminders launched

PACEY has linked up with national education charity Achievement for All to develop a new online training programme for childminders.

The Childminder Professional Development Programme from Achievement for All is designed to help childminders in developing skills to support more children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), looked-after children and those vulnerable to poor outcomes.

By following the programme, it will help to raise the aspirations and achievements of all children, supporting childminders to meet the individual needs of each child in their care and to develop strong learning partnerships with parents and other professionals involved with the child.

The training programme contains a wealth of knowledge and experience, and consists of interactive modules with video footage and real examples in practice that childminders can work through at their own pace.

Theresa Johnson, Training and Development Manager at PACEY, comments: “The training and support that local authorities used to provide childminders simply isn't as extensive as it was, and the onus is now on them to identify and fund training for themselves. In recent years, childminders have also had to face new challenges, such as adapting to the new systems of support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

“Our partnership with Achievement for All is designed to provide flexible, affordable support and training, while giving childminders the tools to make real changes in their provision. This new programme will have a positive impact for every child and enable childminders to further support children with SEND.”

This professional development resource offers approximately 10 hours online learning time, with extension material that will support up to 40 hours of extended study to support a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Once registered, the self-contained online programme can be accessed for up to one year. The cost for 12 months’ membership with Achievement for All is £49.99 and includes unlimited module access and a certificate on completion of the course.  The Childminder Professional Development Programme is only available in England and can be accessed here: PACEY members will receive a 10% discount.



About Achievement for All
  • Achievement for All is a movement focused on educational change; building a world in which all children are seen as having potential, and where every child is enabled to be the best that they can be regardless of background, challenge or need
  • Established in 2011, Achievement for All believes that all adults play a vital role in raising children’s aspirations and achievements and improving their access to learning. Our award-winning early years programme Achieving Early has already had a profound impact on nursery staff, parents and carers and children
  • Achievement for All programmes have worked with staff in over 4000 schools, colleges and early years settings across England and Wales
  • The charity is the leading provider of improved outcomes in reading, writing and maths for the lowest achieving 20% of children and young people
  • Achievement for All uses a unique direct deliver model and a team of highly skilled coaches
  • Each programme is tailored to meet the needs of the individual school/setting and is delivered in partnership with the leadership team, teachers/staff, parents, pupils and support professionals. It has been developed in collaboration with the sector and is supported by the Department for Education
  • The charity’s latest Impact Report demonstrates that vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils, including those identified with special educational needs and disabilities, in schools and settings working with Achievement for All, continue to make faster progress in reading, writing and maths than their counterparts in other schools. Many are making as good or better progress than the national expected levels of progress for all pupils.