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Care Council for Wales becomes Social Care Wales

On the 1st April the Care Council for Wales became Social Care Wales.  It brings together the Care Council for Wales and the Social Services Improvement Agency, combining their functions for regulating, supporting and developing the workforce and using data and research to improve practice and service delivery.

Social Care Wales aims to raise the quality of care and support in Wales, so that people’s lives can be improved. Its main functions are to:

  • set standards for the care and support workforce, making them accountable for their practice
  • support the early years and social care workforce so they have the knowledge and skills to protect and support those who need help
  • work with others to improve services for areas agreed as a national priority
  • set priorities for research to get evidence of what works well
  • share good practice
  • provide information about care and support.

PACEY Cymru worked closely with the Care Council of Wales and will continue this close working relationship with Social Care Wales.  You can read more about the role of Social Care Wales and our work together here