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Concerns over 30 hours

The Family and Childcare Trust (FCT) released research today, raising concerns about how 30 hours will impact the quality of childcare.  

In a survey of Family Information Services in England, more than half of respondents (54 per cent) said they didn’t know if there would be enough childcare places for three- and four-year-olds wanting to take up the 30 hours early years entitlement in their area. More than one in ten (13 per cent) said that there wouldn't be enough places and only a third said there would be sufficient places.

The research reveals significant concerns from parents, providers and local authorities about the effect the policy change could have on the quality of childcare, particularly for those with special educational needs and disabilities. 

The Family and Childcare Trust is calling on the Government to address certain areas to ensure that the quality of childcare continues to be a priority. These include: 

  • Commiting to an annual review of funding levels
  • Improving access to early education for children with SEND
  • Providing clearer guidance to providers on delivering the 30 hour offer

You can read the full report here.