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Latest important updates from CSSIW

CSSIW have published a news story and have now confirmed that in late spring 2017 registered childcare and play providers in Wales will be required to complete part two of their Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS). Part two of this will also incorporate providers Quality of Care Review.  This follows on from previous updates we have shared on the PACEY webiste around the SASS in recent months.

What do you need to do to prepare for SASS part two?

CSSIW have published guidance and further information on their website to help you. It is extremly important that you read it, ensure you understand it and begin to prepare for this in coming weeks and months.

CSSIW have  developed a template for the Quality of Care report for you to use, this template is optional, but PACEY strongly recommend that you use it.

You will need to upload this along with other policy documents when you complete your SASS in late spring. CSSIW will contact you to tell you when you can upload and complete your SASS online.

What if I did not complete or submit SASS part one?

If you did not complete or submit SASS part one last summer in late spring 2017, you must complete SASS parts one and two using CSSIW Online. You are required by law to complete a self assessment and an annual review of the quality of care at your service.  CSSIW have produced further information about preparing for SASS part one on their website if this applies to you.

What further support and guidance is available from PACEY Cymru?

PACEY Cymru will be producing further resources and support around your SASS in coming weeks and we will share a link to these on this page.  For now members may find the following of use as you start to prepare.

When completing SASS 2 you will be asked to upload an up to date version of your statement of purpose, and to confirm the policies and procedures that you have in place along with the date they were last reviewed.  To ensure that these documents are up to date you can make use of our guidance at:

PACEY Cymru Guide to Policies and Procedures

Self-evaluation is an important aspect of the Quality of Care Review:

Developing Self-Reflective Practice

Reflective practice

You will be asked to upload your latest quality of care report, and to rate your service against the defined quality ratings in the inspection framework guide:

Quality of Care Report

Inspections in Wales

PACEY Cymru will be providing telephone and email support for all registered childminders with any general enquiries on preparing for, or completing SASS 2.

Contact PACEY Cymru by email or by telephone 0845 8801299 with any queries.