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PACEY Cymru publishes report on Childminder De-registrations in Wales

PACEY Cymru has published a report on a piece of work carried out looking at Childminder de-registrations in Wales following an increase in those leaving childminding in Wales in the last year. 

Sustainability of existing, quality childcare is of importance to support the needs of children and their families and also will come to the forefront as the implementation of the childcare offer in Wales moves forward.  This offer is likely to increase the need for quality, registered childcare to meet demand and so the sustainability of existing childminders is of key importance.

There has been a decline in the number of childminders registered with CSSIW in Wales.  This has dropped from 2216 at the end of September 2015 to 2071 at the end of September 2016.  This is a decrease of 145 (6.5%) during this period.  It is clear that new childminders registering are not coming through at a high enough rate to counterbalance the number de-registering and so potentially creating an unsustainable sector going forward.

This decline in registered childminder numbers is a cause for concern, especially if this continues, as it is likely to have a significant impact on childcare availability and accessibility.  The report published looks in more depth at de-registrations with 61 individuals who have recently de-registered feeding into the report.

What does the report show?

The report and associated work shows that even in those who have de-registered in recent months there is a great deal of positivity about childminding as a career or work choice.

The reasons for de-registration are complex and interwoven with the key reasons given for de-registration included (in order of number of responses):

  • Change of personal circumstances (for example retirement, ill health, family changes)

  • Unsustainable childminding service

  • Increased burden in relation to paperwork and regulatory changes or requirements

  • New employment or training opportunity- many within the childcare and early years sector

  • Isolation of childminding role

Claire Protheroe, Direct Services Manager (Wales) noted ‘There are some key themes to be considered to support registered childminders in the future in line with business sustainability, paperwork and regulation changes in Wales.  In line with this and linking to the need to ensure sustainability of quality childcare to support development and delivery of the childcare offer in Wales, PACEY Cymru has made some clear recommendations within the report and will be taking these forward in coming months, working closely with key stakeholders on other recommendations made within the report’

Read the full report here.  If you have any further views to share on this issue or require further information contact the Wales office or telephone 0845 8801299.