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PACEY Cymru signs Digital Inclusion Charter for Wales

PACEY Cymru and other Cwlwm partners have been working closely with Digital Communities Wales in recent months to support digital inclusion and development of training, support and information to members in Wales to increase confidence in using digital skills.

PACEY Cymru have now signed the Digital Inclusion Charter for Wales and in doing so showed our commitment to support members to become more digitally enabled.

By signing the charter PACEY Cymru are committed to the following principles

  • Ensuring that all our staff and volunteers in Wales have an opportunity to learn basic digital skills, and that they take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Ensuring that digital inclusion principles are embedded into our day to day activities.
  • Encouraging and support our staff and volunteers in Wales to help other people to get online and have the confidence to develop basic digital skills, and help other organisations to embrace digital tools.
  • Committing support and resources for digital inclusion activities and initiatives in Wales in whatever ways we can.
  • Sharing best practice and activity around digital inclusion with Digital Communities Wales so that our activities can be co-ordinated for maximum impact and measured consistently.
  • Looking to build local partnerships amongst organisations which want to share ideas and coordinate activities with others in their area.

PACEY Cymru now have a Digital Inclusion Plan in place and will be working hard over coming months to take forward actions within this and also build work with Cwlwm around digital confidence.

What does this mean for me as a member of PACEY?

There has been a move to use of online portals and services, including CSSIW’s Self-Assessment of Service (SASS) in recent months. Confidence and ability of childcare and early years professionals to use online systems and services is of growing importance.

From our recent work we know that there are barriers in accessing online systems and services, due in part to the skill and confidence levels of some childcare and early years professionals in Wales. Our recent work has also shown us that with the right support and guidance many of these barriers can be overcome.  

What next?

PACEY Cymru will be developing further support for members around digital inclusion and guidance on how to grow confidence and skills. This will include access to new resources and training and further information will be shared as it is developed. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how this could be achieved please email or telephone the Wales office on 0845 8801299.