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Childminder breach of privacy by HMRC

Childminder details were published in breach of privacy by HMRC on the Childcare Service website yesterday, including the publication of home addresses without consent. The issues are in the process of being corrected after the facility was removed. 

If you are still seeing your address on the Childcare Service website that you have not consented to, please fill in this form on the HMRC website and they will remove it as soon as possible. 

This highlights the importance of keeping information private and being aware of where your personal details may be appearing online.

Here are some useful tips for childminders and all childcare practitioners to think about when having a presence anywhere online:

  • When you're advertising your business, it's worth spending some time thinking carefully about how much information you want to share about where you live. Childminders work from their own homes, and it's important to balance the need to advertise your business to attract more clients, and to maintain the security of your home.
  • Many childminders choose to share only part of their address and postcode - for example, "I live just off the High Road, close to the village school and on the 38 bus route."
  • When you do make aspects of your personal information private online, make sure you double check that your information can't be seen.
  • Be mindful of the information that you share online and in vacancy matching services. Consider scheduling a privacy review every year to look at the information you're sharing. This becomes especially important if you are caring for vulnerable children. 

You could also ake a look at our social media factsheet for more detailed tips.