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CSSIW are this week sending letters out to all registered childcare providers in Wales informing them of the process they have to follow for part two of the Self-Assessment of Service (SASS) which includes the Quality of Care Report.  This has to be submitted online and is a regulatory requirement.  If you did not complete and submit part one of the SASS last summer you now have to complete part one and two.  The deadline for submission of the SASS is the 28th July. 

How do I complete the SASS part 2?

You can only complete and submit SASS part two and your Quality of Care Review using CSSIW Online . You will need to log into your CSSIW Online account using the same details you used when creating your account. Your username is your registered email address. If you have forgotten your password you will need to re-set it.

If you do not have a CSSIW Online account, you will need to create an account to enable you to complete and submit SASS part two. A new activation PIN has been generated by CSSIW and is on the back of the letter that has been sent to you, you use this to create an account with CSSIW online.

Providers will receive their letter about completing their SASS part two (and where relevant SASS part one) this week. CSSIW online system is now live - however, some providers may have been sent a letter containing a new PIN and will not be able to login to complete their SASS without creating a CSSIW Online account. CSSIW suggest that providers should wait until they receive their letter with details about what to do before trying to access CSSIW Online.

If you do not receive their letter this week (12th-16th June), please contact CSSIW on 0300 025 6222 (English) or 0300 025 6111 (Welsh).

What happens if I do not complete and submit my SASS  online?

If you do not  complete your SASS this may result in enforcement action and may have a negative impact on your inspectors’ judgement (and subsequent ratings) of the Leadership and Management theme of your next inspection.

What support is available?

PACEY Cymru have produced additional guidance and information to support you on completing your SASS in an associated blog piece on SASS part 2 and Quality of Care.  We would suggest you initially have a look at this to see if this provides the answers to any questions or queries you have.

If you need technical help using CSSIW's online service or have any questions you can email them  or telephone them on 0300 035 6222 (English) or 0300 025 6111 (Welsh).

If you have other, non-technical questions about completing the SASS and are either a PACEY member or a registered childminder in Wales you can contact PACEY Cymru for further guidance and support by email or telephone 0845 8801299