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Inspiring a future in childcare - join the campaign

With the childcare industry facing a recruitment crisis, Tinies Childcare have created the Inspiring a Future in Childcare campaign to raise awareness, hoping to attract more people into the industry. 

PACEY, along with other sector organisations and the Education and Employers Charity, is supporting the campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities for success in the childcare industry and benefit everyone across the early years sector. 

Tinies Childcare Director, Amanda Coxen, says “The childcare industry is facing a crisis in recruitment. There are thousands of jobs out there, but not enough childcarers to fill those positionsWe want to inspire young people to get them thinking about working with children, and how rewarding that choice of career can be. One way we are going to do this is by actively engaging with students in schools about a childcare career.”

You can read more from Amanda in her latest blog, discussing how the campaign was created and what needs to be done to change the sector for the better. 

The Campaign is looking for volunteers to take part in careers events and occupational health talks up and down the country – particularly aimed at children in years 8 and 9 before they choose their final qualification. 

Everyone can join in. Find out how you can get involved.