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Over third of children and young people are affected by sleep issues

The Children's Sleep Charity have released their 'Children and Young People's Sleep Manifesto 2017', raising awareness of the importance of sleep to support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

The important role that sleep plays in wellbeing is still seriously undervalued and The Children's Sleep Charity as well as a number of organisations, including PACEY, have committed to raising the profile of the importance of sleep to improve the health of our children. 

The Children's Sleep Charity are calling for:

  • Information to be available to parents about the importance of sleep and sleep routines to prevent sleep issues developing.
  • Access to accredited training around sleep support for professionals supporting families.
  • Sleep to become embedded in the PHSE curriculum for all pupils.
  • Parents to have access to appropriately trained sleep practitioners in their localities.

Read the full manifesto and get involved on Facebook and Twitter using #sleepmatters.

PACEY partnered with The Children's Sleep Charity to develop a unique sleep resource for children professionals. Download our 'and so to bed... promoting sleep in the early years' poster, giving practitioners a quick reference guide to use in their settings, as well as a series of practical tips and advice.