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Childminders rising to the challenge of 30 hours

Throughout August, PACEY's snap-poll asked childminders how they are planning to respond to 30 hours, which launches today. 

When we asked childminders about 30 hours in our Building Blocks survey last autumn, only 35 % told us they were planning to offer it, 34% said they were not going to offer it, and the remaining 31% said they were not sure. So we wanted to know, has anything changed now that 30 hours is finally here?

Key findings

  • Nearly three-quarters of registered childminders in England (73%) offer funded places and 66% have actually delivered them;
  • A majority of childminders (60%) plan to offer the 30-hour entitlement and just over a quarter (27%) say they will not;
  • However, 40% of childminders have not been asked by parents to deliver a 30-hour place, either in full or in part (whilst 61% report that they have);
  • Childminders with experience of delivering funded places are significantly more likely to say they will offer 30 hours than childminders who have never delivered a funded place (75% compared to 34%);
  • Childminders who have been asked by a parent to deliver a 30-hour place (in full or in part) are much more likely to say they will offer 30 hours than those who have not (77% compared to 36%);
  • The most common 30-hour delivery partners for childminders are pre-schools (52%) and school nursery classes/nursery schools (43%).

However, while the figures seem positive, a number of childminders who said they were planning to offer 30 hours commented that they were doing so ‘reluctantly’ and even ‘under duress’. Many commented that they have been forced to limitations on the number of 30-hour places they are offering, or charge additional extras to make ends meet.

You can read our full survey results over on Nursery World along with a comment piece from PACEY chief executive, Liz Bayram. 

If you have any questions about our research, contact our policy team.