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DBS checks in Wales

DBS checks in Wales

PACEY Cymru have previously shared information on changes to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks in Wales.   Following a meeting with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) following confusion around the changes in DBS Checks in Wales from April we have received confirmation on a number of issues and have included these below in some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  There are further FAQ’s that will be shared on the CIW website in coming weeks and we will link to this once it is published.

Will CIW fund my DBS from April 2018?

No, CIW will no longer fund DBS checks for childminders, nannies and household members of childminders from April 2018 along with others in the sector that were previously eligible.

There is further information on fees on the CIW website. The fee is currently £44 per DBS check and admin fees will also apply in future once the third party who is successful in taking up the provision of an online service is appointed though the date of this is not confirmed.  There is a smaller cost for subscribing to the DBS Update Service

I am a childminder how can I apply for a DBS check?

CIW recognise that for some groups of people independently obtaining a current DBS check is not possible.  This includes those that are self-employed and includes childminders and their household members. CIW will therefore continue to process checks for these however the fee is still payable to CIW and is no longer funded by CIW.

For childminders and household members therefore the following process applies if you are not currently part of the DBS Update Service.

  • Contact CIW when your DBS check is due (not more than three months in advance) or if you are in the process of registering when you are at the relevant point.Be clear about the role that you currently hold and whether checks are also required for household members.
  • CIW will then provide the application form for the DBS check(s) for you and notify you of fees due from April 2018 until the third party supplier is in place the fees will need to be paid to CIW.They will inform you of how to pay this fee through a secure, online portal by debit or credit card (cash or cheques cannot be accepted) before your application for a DBS check is counter signed by CIW.
  • Make an appointment to attend a CIW regional office to have your documents verified.Please note that the use of the document certification service offered by the Post Office is no longer acceptable to DBS.PACEY Cymru are discussing options for the future which would potentially reduce time and expense for you of having to travel to a CIW office.
  • Check is applied for and you are notified directly by DBS once this has been completed.Your DBS certificate will come directly to you and then this will need to be shared with CIW as they will not automatically receive a copy of the certificate.

I employ a child-minding assistant- how do I apply for their DBS check?

Even if a child mining assistant is not paid for the role in your setting they are not considered to be volunteers and so the DBS check process for these is similar to staff in other childcare settings.

If you employ an assistant and are a member of a childcare umbrella body you may be able to use them to process the DBS check for any members of staff, fees will apply.  If you cannot use an umbrella body or this is not a service offered you may process your assistant’s DBS check through CIW however the fees will still apply.

If the assistant works in your setting on a self-employed basis DBS checks for these will be processed by CIW as they are for childminders but the fees will still apply.

I am a nanny how do I apply for a DBS check?

A DBS check is one of the requirements for CIW’s Childcare At Home Voluntary Approval Scheme as a nanny’s employer would be the family of children they are caring for it is unlikely that the employer will be registered to provide DBS checks.  Therefore CIW will continue to process DBS checks for nannies however the fees will still apply.

If you work as a nanny on a self-employed basis DBS checks for these will be processed by CIW as they are for childminders but the fees will still apply.

What is the DBS update service and what are the benefits of using this?

The Update Service reduces the need to apply for multiple certificates when you move from one job to another in the same workforce or when a recheck is required.  One of the main benefits for childminders and household members is that the DBS check does not need to be applied for every three years if you maintain your DBS update subscription and there are no changes to your status or role. This then saves you time and expense of having to travel to a CIW office to have your documents verified in order to renew your DBS check.  Another benefit is that you are able to manage your own DBS for employment and volunteering purposes through an accessible online service.

CIW understand that the cost of the changes to DBS could be higher for some childminders because they are required to have DBS checks for all members of their household who are 16 years or over.  Therefore if you register with the DBS Update Service when you apply for your DBS check a transitional arrangement will apply which will effectively fund your £13 subscription to the DBS online Update Service in 2018.  This will apply to household members in addition to the childminder themselves.

If you have further queries please contact us on or telephone the Wales office on 0845 880 1299.