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More than a Score coalition issues open letter to Government

The More than a Score coalition, a group of early years organisations, researchers and teaching unions, including Better Without Baseline, of which PACEY is a member of, formed to express their concerns about the government’s proposals for baseline assessment in the reception year. The coalition has issued an open letter in opposition to the government's plans to introduce Baseline Assessment tests in reception classes. 

Within the letter, the coalition outlines the key problems with the proposed baseline assessments, namely that they were:

  • Unreliable
  • Doesn't provide an accurate picture
  • Statistically invalid
  • Harmful to child wellbeing, particularly disadvantaging the most vulnerable children
  • Harmful to effective practice
  • Harmful to the home-learning environment, parent partnerships and relationships with nurseries

As a member of Better Without Baseline, PACEY has firmly opposed baseline assessments for school starts since the scheme was first proposed.