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CIW confirms process for DBS Checks in Wales

Following our recent news story on DBS Checks in Wales Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have confirmed the process going forward for DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks.  They have published revised guidance and the answers to some 'Frequently Asked Questions' in relation to DBS checks, relevant to all childcare and play providers in Wales.  This includes the details of future payments for DBS checks.

What you need to know

The various regulations require you to renew your DBS certificate every three years. This is your responsibility and CIW will not remind you to do this.

If you need to renew your current DBS certificate with CIW do not apply until three months prior to the renewal date of your application. Their on-line process is quick and most checks are completed within 14 days. Contact CIW on 0300 7900 126 to request a DBS check if you have reached this renewal stage.

CIW have moved their DBS application process to a third party provider. For the most part, this will make the application process a largely digital experience for all DBS applicants and reduce the complexity and amount of data/information they are required to manage.  CIW will no longer accept paper copies of DBS application forms from the 28th September 2018.

CIW will be involved in just three important steps:

  • Eligibility
  • Identity Veriification (IDV) checks
  • Considering ‘positive’ information contained on DBS certificates

Further detailed information on these key elements of this can be found in CIW's guidance document

One of the key points within this around IDV checks is the need for those requesting a new DBS check, who are not signed up to the update servic,e to book an appointment for your identity verification (IDV) check at a CIW office.  PACEY Cymru are currently in discussion with CIW around the impact of this on childminders and other service providers having to travel long distances during working hours and will update on this once we receive confirmation.

How much will each DBS cost?

Payment of the DBS fee and an administration charge is required of all applicants. When you complete your DBS check on-line with us you will be required to pay the cost of the DBS fee (currently £44) and an administration fee (currently £8 + VAT) per DBS check.  This makes a total of £52 per DBS check which for a childminder and family members is a considerable cost.  Welsh Government have confirmed, for the financial year 2018/19, to fund your first year subscription fee for the update service (currently £13, see below) to offset any future costs. This will be deducted from your on-line payment.

Payment will be taken by the third party provider via their on-line portal during the application process. You can make your payment via PayPal or a debit or credit card (except American Express); cash or cheque payments cannot be made. All fees are non-refundable.

What is the DBS Update Service?

PACEY Cymru and CIW recommend that all applicants take the opportunity to subscribe to the DBS Update Service during the on-line application process.  The Update Service is an online subscription that allows you to keep your DBS certificate up to date and, with your permission, allows CIW to make periodic status checks of your certificate.

The service is available for an annual fee (currently £13).  As stated above Welsh Government have confirmed, for the financial year 2018/19, to fund your first year subscription fee for the update service to offset any future costs. This will be deducted from your on-line payment. Your subscription must be renewed each year if you want to maintain the benefits of the service.  These include;

  • Not having to renew your certificate three yearly - as long as you maintain your DBS Update Service subscription and no new information is becomes available during your status check;
  • Saving you the time and expense of having to travel to a CIW office to renew your DBS certificate in the future.

Further information is available in CIW's Frequently Asked Questions document.


If you have any general queries or points to raise in relation to this please email .  Any DBS requests should be referred to CIW on 0300 7900 126.