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PACEY submits evidence to childcare inquiries

PACEY has recently submitted written evidence to two governmental committees examining the issue of childcare.

The London Assembly Economy Committee, which scrutinises the work of the London Mayor relating to economic development, is looking into the extent to which ‘parent-friendly childcare’ is available in the capital. The Committee specifically asked PACEY to provide evidence about the availability of 30 hours places in London, whether the scheme is being funded properly, and what the Mayor can do to support childminders. Read our evidence to the Economy Committee.

The House of Commons Treasury Committee has recently launched an inquiry into childcare policy, and specifically its influence on the economy. The Committee is responsible for examining the expenditure, administration and policy of HM Treasury, HM Revenue & Customs, and associated public bodies. The inquiry is focusing specifically on role high quality, accessible, flexible and affordable childcare can play in supporting labour productivity, and whether the Government is providing an adequate provision of affordable childcare that facilitates parental employment. PACEY’s submission focused on the issues of access to childcare, and to 30 hours in particular, as well as the funding and administration of the new 30-hour scheme. Read our evidence to the Treasury Committee.