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Removal of the Ofsted early years self-evaluation form (SEF)

As of 1 April 2018, Ofsted will be removing the self-evaluation form (SEF) from its website. The decision was made after a full review by Ofsted with consultation from early years leaders, managers and its National Consultative Forum, including PACEY.

Ofsted hopes that this will remove the burden on early years providers and forms part of Ofsted's early years 'myth-busting' campaign:

  • Myth: Ofsted expects leaders to complete a written self-evaluation form (SEF).
  • Fact: Childcare providers do not need to produce a self-evaluation form, but managers and staff should be able to discuss their evaluation of the setting with the inspector. Inspectors will ask staff about the quality of care and activities they provide, and how well the setting is meeting the learning needs of all children.

Advice for Practitioners

  1. Does this change mean I don't have to self-evaluate anymore?
    No, while you don't have to fill Ofsted's online SEF anymore, practitioners should be able to discuss their evaluation of the setting with the inspector. 
  2. How do I record my self-reflective practice now there is no Ofsted SEF?
    The Ofsted SEF has always been voluntary and just one way of effectively recording self-reflective practice. You can access our self-reflective practice guide in MyPACEY for support on other ways to record this information. 
  3. What happens to all of the information I have already put into my Ofsted SEF?
    We would recommend that you keep a copy of your SEF on your computer or print hard copies to store securely. 

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