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Updated 30 hours stats published by Department for Education

The Department for Education (DfE) has released the latest statistics on the number of 30 hours childcare codes issued and validated for the spring term 2018. This follows statistics released in Janurary 2018 on the use of 30 hours childcare. Since the previous statisitics, the percentage of validated codes for the Spring term is now 92%, up from 82% last month. This is only 2% less than the rate at the end of the autumn term. 

DfE has also published the more detailed local authority 30 hours breakdown, detailing how many 30 hours codes that have been issued and validated according to each local authority. The average validation rates in London are the lowest, with an average of 86% across all London authorities.

Providers are encouraged to remind parents to revalidate their codes and reconfirm their eligibilty in good time. These graphics may be downloaded for providers to share with parents to remind them.


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