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Continued investment and support needed for childcare and early education workforce

Save the Children have released their latest report on childcare 'Lost opportunities, Lost incomes - Why families in England need further reform of childcare and early education to get into work'. 

The analysis revealed some key summary points:

  • Parents - particularly mothers - of young children in England are struggling to get into work (60% of lone parent families with a child under five are not working). 
  • Childcare continues to be a barrier to employment
  • Further reform is needed to create more opportunities for families
  • Despite reform, the childcare system still isn't creating enough opportunities for families

The report encouraged continued reforming of the system to make their vision a reality with a number of recommendations: 

  • Support for childcare costs needs to be much simpler for parents to use
  • Further support to help parents who still find childcare too expensive, particularly for low income families. 
  • Make sure that we do not do this at the expense of the quality of provision 
  • Continued investment and support for the childcare and early education workforce which is central to achieving the type of high quality provision that can lead to big boosts in a child's early leaning. 

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