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Raising awareness of a career in the childcare industry

As part of the ongoing Inspiring A Future in Childcare campaign, there will be a Childcare Career Speed Networking event on Thursday 1 February to raise awareness of the range of career options which exist in the childcare sector.

The Speed Networking event at in Harrow, will give young people in Years 8 and 9 the opportunity to meet and talk to professionals working across the childcare industry. The event is being hosted by the Education & Employers charity, Tinies Childcare and the Department for Education.

PACEY, along with other sector organisations and the Education and Employers Charity, is supporting the campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities for success in the childcare industry and benefit everyone across the early years sector.

The campaign challenges individual and sector wide perceptions about the childcare profession and the stereotypes that have followed the sector throughout time. It aims to broaden students awareness of the range of exciting roles that the childcare sector holds. 

Apart from this event, the Campaign is looking for volunteers to take part in careers events and occupational health talks up and down the country – particularly aimed at children in years 8 and 9 before they choose their final qualification. 

For more information on the Inspiring a Future in Childcare Campaign or about volunteering to go into schools to talk about your career in childcare.