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Key updates from Ofsted

After PACEY attended an Ofsted consultative forum, there are a number of updates that we are able to share with our members:

  1. Online notifications for sharing setting changes
    Settings have, since 2016, been able to use an online form to notify Ofsted of required changes to their settings and use of the form has continued to increase since. When settings don't use the online form, they use email. However, Ofsted have proposed to move to using the online form as the only means to notify them of changes. These updates will be taking place from 25 to 27 July.

    This will come into force from 1 Jan 2019.
  2. Ofsted IT systems update
    Ofsted are updating all of their IT systems. As part of this the 'new setting registrations' will be unavailable from 16 July- 29 July. If anyone is looking to register then please do this before the 16 July or wait to do this until after the 29 July. 
  3. Registration certificates
    Ofsted will be moving to email registration certificates only.
    This means that they will no longer be posting certificates to your settings. However, the old certificates are still valid, it is just the format changing. 
  4. Ofsted online services
    From Friday 3 August until Monday 6 August in the afternoon, Ofsted online services will be unavailable due to essential maintenance updates.
  5. Ofsted online services
    From Thursday 9th August until 4:15pm, Ofsted online services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. 

We will update this page with any additional information as and when we receive it. If you have any questions please do email the PACEY support team or call Ofsted on 0300 123 1231 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday). 

If you have a serious safeguarding concern and need to contact Ofsted, you can call 0300 123 4666.