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Latest statistics on 30 hours released

The Department for Education (DfE) has released the latest statistics on the number of 30 hours childcare codes issued and validated for the summer term 2018. This follows statistics released in April 2018 on the use of 30 hours childcare for the Spring term and Summer term up to 9th April 2018. 

Since then, there has been a 5% increase in codes validated, correct as of 7th April. However, there has been an increased gap between the number of codes validated and children in a 30 hours place. In the Autumn term this gap was at 8,080 which has grown to 13,165 by the end of the Spring term. 

Department for Education also published the latest local authority breakdown for May 2018. 

PACEY's Chief Executive Liz Bayram comments:

"Whilst it is good news most 30-hour codes are being validated, it is concerning that the gap between the number of codes validated and children in a 30 hours place is growing, from 8,080 in the autumn term to 13,165 in the spring term. The Department for Education needs to investigate the reasons behind this gap as a matter of urgency. It could mean children are missing out. We know that many childminders in particular remain an untapped source of funded places. More needs to be done to remove the barriers preventing them from delivering 30 hours. These remain the low hourly rate, delayed payments, red tape, and lack of demand from parents."

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