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CIW and publishing of childminder reports

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have confirmed they have brought forward the date on which they will begin publishing childminders inspection reports on the CIW website.  Reports for childminding inspections undertaken from the 15th October will be published on the CIW website.  This has been a discussion point for a number of years and one that a number of childminders in Wales have been calling for to support promotion of their setting to parents and ease of access to inspection reports.

CIW have stated that they are doing this to support their commitment to ensure that information about their findings is easily available for people. It will also bring practice in childcare and play in line with their approach to the reports of inspections of other regulated services. As the reports will not contain the address of the registered service, the privacy of people using services and childminders themselves will be maintained. This was a key point of concern that PACEY Cymru had previously highlighted following member feedback and we are glad this has been clarified.

Currently any member of the public can contact CIW and request a report for a childminding setting. The result of the change will be to make the reports more readily and simply accessible to those interested in reading them and members of the public looking for child minder reports will be able to access and download these from the CIW website.

CIW will not back date the publication of reports so if a member of public would like to request a report from previous inspections, they need to contact CIW to request this. 

If you have any comments to share on this please contact or telephone 0845 8801299.