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CIW and Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) 2018

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have announced that childcare and play providers are not required to complete a Self Assessment of Service (SASS) for 2018-19. Providers do however need to ensure their Quality of Care Review is up to date.

CIW have confirmed that due to online developments and resources, they have decided to prioritise the development of online registrations and notifications for childcare and play services which will help to improve your engagement with them.

They have stated they will review progress with online developments and if resources allow, they plan to issue a further SASS in the latter part of 2019. It is extremly important for settings to ensure they have an up to date Quality of Care Review in place undertaken on an annual basis.  This should be available to CIW on request. Guidance on writing your Quality of Care Report is available in the members area of the PACEY website.

CIW are also looking to hold provider events in November this year and will be sending invites via email to all providers in the near future.  PACEY Cymru will also share further details on these once it is received.