April 2019

Social Mobility Commission recommends extending 30 hours to more disadvantaged families

The Social Mobility Commission has released a ‘State of Nation 2018-2019’ report, highlighting inequality in Britain. The report looks at early childhood, schools, universities, further education and work revealing that social mobility has been stagnant for the last four years.


New Commission to tackle gender stereotypes from the Fawcett Society

New polling by campaigning charity the Fawcett Society has uncovered widespread concern about ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ advertising by manufacturers and retailers. PACEY has joined the Commission experts along with 23 other members to tackle gender stereotypes. 


Job Centre Plus partnership working in Wales / Gwaith partneriaeth Canolfan Byd Gwaith yng Nghymru

PACEY Cymru have recently delivered regional childminder information sessions to Job Centre Plus staff / Mae PACEY Cymru wedi cyflwyno sesiynau gwybodaeth gwarchodwyr plant rhanbarthol i staff y Ganolfan Byd Gwaith


Updated statistics on the use of 30 hours released

The Department for Education (DfE) has released the latest statistics on the number of 30 hours childcare codes issued and validated up to 22 April for the summer term 2019


New report finds real wages for childcare workers and retail workers are likely to converge by 2021

A new report from the Education Policy Institute compares the early years workforce with retail workers, and finds that real wages for childcare workers and retail workers are likely to converge by 2021.


Push to end ban on childminders providing funded places to related children in England continues

At PACEY, we are campaigning to end this unfair policy, especially in light of recent success in Wales. Thanks to effective lobbying from PACEY Cymru, childminders in Wales are now able to access the Childcare offer for non-resident related children.


National Children's Day 2019

National Children's Day UK (NCDUK) is all about the importance of a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children in order to ensure that they can grow into happy, healthy adults. 


PACEY’s submission to Ofsted’s inspection consultation

PACEY has submitted a response to Ofsted’s consultation on the Education Inspection Framework, based on feedback from members.