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Survey shows significant impact of voucher scheme closure

One year on since Childcare Vouchers closed to new entrants, a 20,000 strong survey of parents, employers and childcare providers has revealed the severe negative impact of the closure. The findings have renewed calls across the sector for a change of direction from government to re-open the popular workplace scheme.

The survey, conducted by the Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA), asked respondents about the impact of the closure of the voucher scheme to new entrants. More than 80% of parents said that they were worse off under the scheme, with over half of nurseries saying that they felt that the closure of the scheme had made it harder for parents. 

Speaking about the results, Liz Bayram, PACEY's Chief Executive, said, “We already know the UK’s childcare funding system is one of the most complex for parents to navigate. Tax Free Childcare and 30 hours of funded early education have helped with families with the cost of childcare, but have increased cost and burden for providers.

"Increasingly it is registered childcare providers who are helping parents to work out what they are entitled to and how to claim it. Childcare Vouchers have long served a community of parents well and should remain an option for families, particularly as they are one of the few ways that employers can demonstrate they are family-friendly employers.”

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