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PACEY raises concerns about Channel 4's 'Train your baby like a dog'

PACEY has recently been made aware of a programme being aired on Channel 4 tomorrow called 'Train Your Baby Like a Dog'. The programme shows a dog trainer teaching parents how to use clicker training used on dogs to train their own children.

We have grave concerns about this show and have contacted Channel 4 to complain on behalf of our members. If you would like to do the same there are a number of ways you can do this:

- Full letter to Channel 4 below -

Dear Channel 4,

At PACEY, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, we are dedicated to ensuring everyone working in childcare and early years is supported to provide high quality care and early learning for children and families. All to ensure early years practitioners (childminders, nannies, nursery and pre-school practitioners) are supported in their vital role to help prepare children for a bright future.

We are appalled that you have decided to commission “Train your baby like a dog” and to promote this potentially damaging and outdated pseudo-science to families. Our understanding of early child development is vast and to ignore this and promote a discredited approach is irresponsible. Whatever your thinking was when you commissioned this, it was wrong and you should not broadcast a programme that suggests children can be trained like a pet!

On behalf of our 25,000 members we ask you to cancel this programme and instead work with PACEY and others to produce a programme that gives parents evidenced-based advice and support on how to enjoy their time with their children and help them develop into happy, healthy individuals who can reach their full potential.

Yours sincerely,
Liz Bayram
Chief Executive

- End of letter -