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Education inspection framework consultation launches today

After announcing changes to the current common inspection framework (CIF) in October 2018, Ofsted has today published a consultation on proposals for changes to the education inspection framework (EIF) to take effect from September 2019.

The launch includes:

  • Revised framework to focus inspection on what children learn through the curriculum, rather than over-reliance on performance data
  • Proposals will call time on the culture of ‘teaching to the test’ and off-rolling
  • New separate behaviour judgement to give parents reassurance that behaviour is good
  • Most evidence-based, research-informed and tested framework in Ofsted’s 26-year history

The key proposals for consultation include:

  • a new ‘quality of education’ judgement, with the curriculum at its heart
  • looking at outcomes in context and whether they are the result of a coherently planned curriculum, delivered well
  • no longer using schools’ internal performance data as inspection evidence, to ensure inspection does not create unnecessary work for teachers
  • separate judgements about learners’ ‘personal development’ and ‘behaviour and attitudes’
  • tackling the feeling from early years that practitioners feel pressured into completing endless documentation to demonstrate each stage of a child's development rather than spending time reading to children, or playing with them. 

PACEY's Chief Executive, Liz Bayram comments:
“Ofsted’s proposals for the new EIF should be seen as a welcome improvement for everyone working in early years. As promised, it is an evolution of the CIF and childminders, nurseries and pre-schools should be heartened by Ofsted’s commitment to reduce workload and place greater focus on how practitioners are implementing the EYFS curriculum and the impact this is having on the children in their care.

“There is a clear message to all providers that Ofsted doesn’t want its inspectors to be presented with reams of assessment and progress records. This is a laudable goal but can only be achieved if the approach is consistently communicated by every Ofsted inspector; if providers are given the information and training that ensures they are confident to reduce the time they spend on recording progress, safe in the knowledge their expertise and understanding of the children they look after will be all that Ofsted needs.

“PACEY will be working with its members to respond to the consultation and to understand the advice and support practitioners will need to prepare for the EIF when it begins in September 2019 as well as proposed changes to the EYFS too.”

The consultation is open until 5 April 2019. Views are sought on the overall changes to the framework as well as on how they will work in practice for the individual education remits. All responses received will be considered carefully, and will help Ofsted to refine and improve the proposed approach before the final framework and inspection handbooks are published in summer 2019.

We would like to encourage all our members to respond to the consultation as well as sending your feedback and/or questions to

Read Ofsted's full press release.

Download Ofsted's consultation presentation.